Florida's Red Flag Law A
Model, But Shouldn't Be

By Tom Knighton. March 31st, 2019

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was a horrific tragedy. That's something that is beyond debate. You either think it was or you're a horrible human being.

You don't have to like those students who emerged from the aftermath to acknowledge that what happened was awful, after all.

In that aftermath, though, the state of Florida reacted. They did what people often do when emotional and didn't stop to think about what happened. They reacted.

As such, Florida passed a number of anti-gun laws that I suspect many lawmakers now regret. However, it's now being suggested that at least one of them is a model for other states. .....

The take-away here is one that is all too common - the "knee-jerk-reaction". Take that a step further and with the example of the 'Red Flag Law' it is not implausible to see this being the catalyst for other states as well as the Fed. Almost without fail following any mass murder tragedy there is a near immediate response to make a new law (prime example, New Zealand), either the more usual gun ban or in this case, one of the most egregious laws thought up to confiscate firearms with no due process. Emotion-driven does not equate to common sense.


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