Contrary to the Views of Some,
The Constitution Is NOT Dead

By Don Cline. April 7th, 2019

I am a Constitutionalist. I became one shortly after returning to the U.S after four years in an openly socialist nation run by what amounted to a card-carrying communist ‘Labor Party’ government. I became one because upon returning to the United States I found the same philosophy of governance here as I had found there. I began studying the Constitution, and our national history of dismantling it piece by piece, and I found out what is going on.

Put simply, we have been the victims of a concerted covert enemy insurgency that has been going on for so long, and has been so successful, its perpetrators are now going overt. They believe the Constitution no longer matters because no one knows what it says any more, no one believes in it any more (because they don’t know what it says), and no one knows that it is one of the two most important and effective documents defining and protecting our liberty under the rule of law in the history of the planet. The other is the Declaration of Independence, upon which it is based.

But I know. Very shortly, you will know: It is capable of stopping the covert/overt insurrection against our liberties like a mosquito being swatted by a pile driver. .....

"The federal government doesn't even have the lawful authority to license firearm dealers. It doesn't have the authority to compel us to ask permission to exercise a right. It doesn't have the authority to restrict, monitor, oversee, infringe, permit, deny, or interfere in any way with our RIGHT - NOT privilege - to keep and bear arms"


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