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Knee-Jerk Gun Bans

By Dean Weingarten. April 13th, 2019
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The far left New Zealand government has banned many semi-automatic firearms in the media frenzy following the mass murder at the Christchurch (ironic name!) mosques. A small number of New Zealanders called for calm and rational deliberation in the rush to pass new legislation. They were ignored in the frenzy to pass restrictions on gun ownership.

The New Zealand censor ruled it illegal for New Zealand citizens to read the manifesto of the political terrorist who did the killing. Any discussion of immigration and Islamic terrorism, which were used to justify the killings, were ignored. Instead, the New Zealand government did precisely what the political terrorist predicted it would do: severely restrict firearms ownership.

Consider: major changes in the law, impacting 3-4 percent of New Zealand's population, were enacted because of one major criminal act of political terrorism in over 100 years of New Zealand history. .....

While New Zealand may not have a Second Amendment there are still basic rights that are being eroded. This is somewhat of a lesson in what can happen when a government exploits a mass murder event to achieve a rapid and emotion based judgement - not dissimilar to the UK's reaction to the Thomas Hamilton school murders in the UK in 1996 - just implemented a lot faster. The U.S. goverment would love to do the exact same.


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