NM. 'Universal Background
Checks' Big Problem

By Tom Knighton. April 15th, 2019

Universal background checks are all the rage with the anti-gun left these days. Nevermind that not a single high-profile criminal appears to have gotten a firearm through a face-to-face transfer that I can recall, nor the fact that we haven't seen a single one get a firearm in such a way that couldn't have gotten it with a standard background check. They're still a major focus of the anti-gun left.

In New Mexico, there's been an ongoing battle between lawmakers and county sheriffs. It got to the point where the attorney general has demanded the sheriffs enforce the law as written.

However, it seems that some people--journalists, even--understand the challenges behind Attorney General Hector Balderas's demands more than lawmakers do. .....

"The truth of the matter is that universal background checks apply difficulties to the law-abiding while doing nothing to address the issue of black market guns." Further to this, as Alan Korwin has written - "Background Checks are a lie." Almost without exception, gun laws finish up penalizing good people while having almost zero effect on criminals who probably, being law breakers anyways, simply regard them with contempt.


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