Fashionable Bigotry
Against Gun Owners 2019

By Rob Morse. April 17th, 2019
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The campaign season has begun, and gun owners are the minority that it is socially acceptable to hate. Without exception, the Democrat candidates for president have demonized US gun owners. According to them, lawful gun owners are the real source of crime and violence in the US.

If you watch the news, gun owners are angry, fearful, rural, unsophisticated white men. Gun owners are mentally ill religious bigots who don't care about children being shot. Now that all the right-thinking people on CNN agree, we can finally take steps to control military style automatic firearms in the US (as if the 23 thousand firearms regulations we already have didn't exist.)

Those slanders go unquestioned by the mainstream media because those lies fit their bigoted stereotypes. Facts don't matter because gun-owners are the minority we're supposed to hate. .....

Once again the subject of anti-gun media bias is discussed, along with the almost intense gun hatred expressed by so many left politicians. One intrinsic factor can be attibuted to money - huge sums from anti-freedom benefactors get poured in sufficient to help maintain the antagonism, which in the end is essentially all down to increasing power and control. The Second Amendment is there to protect rights - innate rights - but that is conveniently ignored such that these days there is even talk of wanting the 2A repealed.


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