OK - Bill For School District Teacher
CCW, Moves to Full Senate

By Dean Weingarten. April 21st, 2019
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An Oklahoma bill to allow school boards to more easily protect their schools against armed attack is another step closer to passage. Several schools in Oklahoma already do so. HB 2339 allows school boards more flexibility in their decisions.

On 13 March, 2019, HB 2339 passed the Oklahoma House by a nearly three to one margin. There were 72 votes for the bill, 25 against, and 4 excused.

Oklahoma Senator David Bullard has been successful in passing Teacher Carry legislation, through the education committee. The bill will now go to the full senate.

House Bill 2336, by Sen. David Bullard, would allow a local board of education to adopt a policy to authorize the carrying of a handgun onto school property by school personnel who hold a valid reserve peace officer certification or who possess a valid handgun license. .....

What a contrast of attitude compared with those states that demonstrate total paranoia when it comes to having armed staff in a school. To most logical thinkers, the presence of competent CCW teachers with adequate training in firearms usage has to be common sense - to quote old sayings "when seconds count" and, "fight fire with fire". It is a reasonable conclusion to reach that for the most part any attacker contemplating a school murder rampage will be seeking a 'gun-free-zone' and not the presence of potentially unknown armed resistance.


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