Second Amendment Sanctuaries on the Rise

By Matthew Vadum. April 22nd, 2019

Capitalizing on the political success of the so-called sanctuary city movement that shields illegal aliens from federal immigration enforcement authorities, gun-rights activists are using the "sanctuary" concept to defend Americans' constitutionally guaranteed private gun ownership rights.

Some law enforcement officials have vowed to resist anti-gun laws by not enforcing those they consider to be unconstitutional overreaches. Others provide moral support to the resistance effort without doing much in the way of specific action.

This popular movement to reinforce Second Amendment rights has been spurred largely by Democrat-led states' crackdowns on gun rights that escalated during President Barack Obama's tenure, including increasingly prevalent so-called red flag laws that allow police or family members to ask courts to temporarily seize an individual's firearms if the person is deemed a danger to himself or others. Gun-rights activists view red flag laws as arbitrary and as a backdoor means of partially achieving the gun control measures that gun rights opponents actually desire. .....

This is perhaps one effective way to counter infringements against the 2A as more and more efforts to increase 'gun-control' are ongoing. The most egregious law changes include "red flag" laws, bump stock bans and 'assault' weapon bans etc. Law abiding gun owners should not have their rights attacked - let's lose 'gun-control' and instead concentrate on 'crime-control' - that is the key issue.


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