GOP Bill Could Protect Medical
Pot User's Gun Rights

By Tom Knighton. April 23rd, 2019

The legalization of marijuana is an interesting issue right now. Federally, it's considered an illegal drug, something you aren't supposed to get even with a prescription. The reality is a bit murkier. Many states have legalized it for medical use, and some have gone so far as to approve it for recreational use.

However, gun owners have been caught in a tough spot in this whole thing. You see, some states have required licensed gun owners to give up their guns due to their status as medical marijuana users.

Legally, they can do this. After all, federal law prohibits people who use federally prohibited drugs from owning guns. Mind you, these states have no issue ignoring the federal law that prohibits them in the first place, but these states also dislike guns. As a result, gun owners get nasty letters telling them to cough up their firearms.

Now, a Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill that seeks to prevent that from happening in the future. .....

The bill is laudable but - it would appear it may probably not have any traction. This is something much needed as medical marijuana has been proven to have significant therapeutic value and should not be treated any differently from regular medications. To have one's gun possession forbidden and thus a means of self defense, simply because of taking a justifiably beneficial treatment, is well overdue for being reversed.


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