Giffords Gun Group a New Attempt at
an Old Divide-and-Conquer Tactic

By David Codrea. April 29th, 2019

“[F]ormer Representative Gabrielle Giffords went to Minnesota to announce the creation of a gun safety advocacy group,” The New York Times publicized approvingly. “The group’s agenda is predictable … Its composition is not: The members are all gun owners.”

“Gun owners join the push for common sense gun laws.” The editorial board of the Minneapolis Star Tribune follows up. “Some are rejecting the NRA and making their voices heard in the state debate — and just in time.”

You see what’s going on here: Gungrabby Gabby et al. are attempting to make people, and especially politicians, believe gun owners support citizen disarmament. Some do. We call them “Fudds.”

The group, deceptively calling itself “Minnesotans Gun Owners for Safety,” is the second state chapter to form so far, the first being in Colorado. .....

An over used term heard so much is "common sense gun laws" - pretty much an all-embracing term with about as much specificity as the word "reasonable". The end result is aimed at broad infringement of rights by claiming control of "gun violence" - another popular term with no merit whatsover as guns are not inherently violent. If instead there were efforts towards limiting actual violence and achieving crime control then there might be some benefits.


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