'Gun Control' and Protecting Students

By Rob Morse. April 26th, 2019
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I listened to Florida legislators argue why school staff should be disarmed. I shook my head because their foolishness was so strong. This is the time when legislators need commons sense.. even if we have to give it to them good and hard.

Their arguments sound like this.

  • We should protect our students with plastic no-guns signs since you can’t prove that a teacher won’t go crazy and shoot people.
  • Any gun at school could go off, so how can you guarantee the safety of students and staff?
  • Teachers are not trained Navy SEALs so they shouldn’t be allowed to have guns around our children.
  • It is too expensive to hire Navy SEALS to protect our children, so let’s do nothing. And besides, we shouldn’t allow Navy SEALS in our schools if they have guns.

In short, the reason we should leave our children unprotected is that improbable things will happen, and bad solutions are worse than what we have now. That means we should leave our children at risk or do something irrelevant that the politicians want to do anyway. .....

The battle to reach out to common sense when it comes to protection of kids in school seems an uphill challenge. There are many who abhor the thought of guns in school and yet prefer to look the other way while kids are at risk, trying to ignore that there is evil in this world. "Guns save lives."


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