AMA uses Inconclusive study
to Push for Gun Restrictions

By Dean Weingarten. May 6th, 2019
Original Source

The AMA published a study of the effects of "Mass Shootings" on gun sales. The authors found gun sales were about as likely to decrease as to increase after the events.

Instead of the traditional FBI definition of a mass murder as killing four or more people in a single incident, not including themselves, the study published by the AMA uses the more wide ranging "Mass Shooting", which they define as an incident in which 5 or more people are injured or killed. Not surprisingly, this increased the number of incidents substantially. The researchers found 124 incidents from November 1998 to April, 2016. That is the period the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) has been in effect.

When there is a "mass shooting" as defined by the study, sometimes gun sales increase. Sometimes they decrease. Most of the time, they stay the same. It is hard to conceive of a less surprising outcome. Studies often confirm the obvious. .....

Not for the first time, it appears that the AMA is no friend of gun ownership, and qualifies as an anti-Second Amendment group in its own right. Their use of "public health issue" when it comes to 'gun control' is a ploy to try and increase public respect for doctors, despite not being a medical issue.


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