Booker Favors Microstamping 'Gun Control'

By Jacob Sullum. May 7th, 2019

The list of gun control ideas that Cory Booker unveiled yesterday includes that hoary favorite, a ban on "assault weapons," whatever those are. But it also included a less familiar proposal that would amount to a gun ban: "handgun microstamping."

As the New Jersey senator and Democratic presidential contender explains, "Microstamping is technology that allows law enforcement to identify the source of ammunition used in crimes by making a shell casing traceable to the specific gun that fired the round." The problem is that such technology has not been developed yet in any practical and cost-effective form. So when Booker promises he will "fight to require that microstamping technology be incorporated into new models of semi-automatic handguns sold in the United States," he is actually promising a moratorium on new handgun models until that dream becomes a reality. .....

'Gun Control' is front and center for some of the dem presidential candidates and Cory Booker thinks 'microstamping' is the way to go. Since the idea was first proposed several years ago it was then seen to be technologically impractical, let alone absurdly expensive to even implement - that continues to be the case. Booker's plan here is little more than subterfuge to achieve gun bans, if the process was even possible.


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