Eight Facts That Will Keep
Gun Grabbers Up At Night

By Tom Knighton. May 19th, 2019

Gun rights activists are in the fight of their lives. While there have been some wins in the last year or so, there have been a whole lot of setbacks. Perhaps the worst is that Democrats are once again emboldened to pursue anti-gun legislation, something they'd learned was a losing cause a while back. Now, we're back at it.

Those who want to restrict gun ownership, however, aren't getting an easy fight. Nor should they.

You see, there are some facts about violence in the United States--the reason typically cited for why we need 'gun control' -- that will keep anti-gunners awake at night. .....

"The fact of the matter is that violence is a complicated problem. Trying to separate gun violence from other forms of violence is pointless."
'Gun Violence' is an over used expression the gun-grabbers insist on using - violence is violence by whatever means but still too often the inanimate gun gets the blame.


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