Do Guns in Your Home Make You Safer?

By Rob Morse. May 22nd, 2019
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Does a gun in your home make you safer, or does it put your family in greater danger? That is a great question, but we don’t have easy answers. There are risks if you have a gun and risks if you don’t. To further complicate the question, your situation is different than mine. You have to weigh both sides to know if you’re safer being armed.

We’ve seen new parents sell their guns because they had children in their home. We’ve also seen new parents purchase firearms because they had irreplaceable lives to protect. Some of the news articles that report on the decision to go armed are extremely misleading, so I’d ask you to read very carefully. Here are some obvious questions that measure your possible risk and your possible reward for owning a gun. .....

A keyword with gun ownership in the home and generally, is responsibility. This includes safe storage such as permanent carry, quick access gun safe etc and then also competence in gun handling and safety. Unfortunately the nay-sayers love to state that having a gun invites trouble - which of course is a totally false - much more important is the ability to respond fast to a threat. "When seconds count."


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