An Overlooked Factor in the Gun Debate

By Dr. Michael S. Brown (DRGO). June 18, 2018

It's probably not what you think, so let me explain the context.

One of the obvious missions of the anti-gun lobby is to magnify the negative consequences of widespread gun ownership in America. As you probably know, they do this in several ways.

Most notably, while discussing rare and highly disturbing crimes like mass murders of children, they throw out a number that represents all types of gun deaths. This distracts attention from the fact that most gun deaths are suicides and most gun murders are criminals killing each other. Misdirection is a cheap trick, but it keeps working well enough that it's been a go-to tactic of anti-gunners for years.

Another tactic is to compare U.S. gunshot deaths with a carefully selected group of "developed" countries. .....

It's possibly true that there are people who, despite not necessarily being anti-gun, are sufficiently mistrusting of themselves that they choose not to own a firearm. For many this is probably a wise decision as bad statistics do not need to be inflated by incidents of such things as negligent discharge etc! Firearms ownership requires utmost responsibility.


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