Will We Protect Our Children in School?

By Rob Morse. June 20th, 2019
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In the long run, we get the results we plan for. We wear a seatbelt when we drive because we won’t have time to put the seatbelt on the second before an accident. We have insurance when we drive so we can financially and medically recover if someone runs into us. Saying that bad things shouldn’t happen isn’t a workable plan. That is why I’m angry at people who say we shouldn’t protect our kids at school. For the last twenty years we’ve seen mad men murdering our children because the crazy person wanted to get their name in the news. Why has there been even a single mass murder in a church or school after the murders in Columbine two decades ago? Let’s ask the uncomfortable questions while we have time. We can and should save our children, but some people disagree.

Protecting our students sends the wrong message.
Do you vaccinate your kids? Do you take your children to the doctor when they are sick, or do you tell your children that disease is ugly and shouldn’t exist? I think that protecting our children sends the message we love them.

Guns are evil and it’s the gun’s fault.
If we think guns are evil, then why do we protect our politicians and judges with guns? Why do we protect politician’s children with guns? I think we should stop bad people before they hurt our innocent children. .....

The continuing problem with 'gun-free-zones' should be self evident and yet resistance to improving matters seems to be regarded as either unimportant or too dangerous. The "run, hide, fight" mantra that is taught to many school kids is hardly going to stop a determined murderer and save lives compared with an armed response.


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