A Bill of Rights Clarification

A point should be made since we shared the article "If you want to keep your gun rights, take them seriously" by Gary Cosby Jr, today 6/24/19.

A sentence in his opinion piece mentions - "Then there is the Bill of Rights, which grants Americans the right to have firearms and doesn't put limitations or stipulations on that right", is incorrect and this should be properly expressed of course, as per an example from a JPFO member Peter P who emailed us ...

"The Bill of Rights does not GRANT us any freedoms NOR does it grant us the right to HAVE firearms... it merely states what those Natural G*d Given Freedoms the Federal government cannot infringe upon or pass laws against... i.e. our G*d given right to defend ourselves with any weapon we have at our disposal. The Second Amendment doesn't stem from what government wants or wishes. The Second Amendment, like the First, is G*d-given, not government granted."

Hopefully this clarifies the issue in case some should feel misinformed about the Bill of Rights granting anything.


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