'Gun Control' Positions Of The Dem
Candidates After Two Debates

By Larry Keane. June 28th, 2018

Democratic hopefuls squared off in the first primary debate over two days and they had plenty to say about the gun control plans they would enact if elected. Perhaps the most important take away from the two nights is that the candidates advocated or passively supported gun confiscation, rhetorically couched as "gun buybacks." Not a single one of the 20 candidates spoke in opposition to confiscation or the respect for the Second Amendment. So, the Democrats really are coming for your guns. The other key takeaway is that former Vice President Joe Biden believes the firearm industry is the "enemy."

In addition, nearly all candidates embrace a ban on modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines and instituting universal background checks. Biden would mandate that all firearms sold be equipped with unreliable biometric authorized user recognition technology, sometimes called "smart guns." Let's recap what the candidates had to say about infringing on the Second Amendment. – .....

It would appear with very few exceptions that the candidates were promoting numerous varieties of firearms controls, but not addressing the problem of criminal's guns. Much mention of being "allowed" or not allowed" to possess certain types plus various restrictions - all trying to avoid the word "confiscation". It would appear obvious that there is near total disregard for the Second Amendment and the rights of law abiding people.


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