Would-be Bill of Rights Destroyers

By Roger Katz. July 1st, 2019

Radical Left elements, with the connivance of the mainstream news media--the Dead Souls existing among us--slowly, methodically, systematically work toward completing their Marxist agenda, notwithstanding the failure to install their candidate, the duplicitous, innately evil Hillary Clinton, in the White House.

But, to make their abominable policy objectives palatable to a wary, discerning American public, this Radical Left realizes the need to control the narrative and to foreclose debate on all Second Amendment related matters, and on any other matter that touches upon their policy goals. And, so, through mass, repetitious story-telling, the most ludicrous of proposed changes to our Nation and to its Constitution become commonplace and then accepted as normal and proper. They have their own tenets, their own set of principles, their own Commandments: right out of the Marxist Playbook. .....

If anything should draw attention to the threat from the extreme left, this has to be it - examples of an egregious disregard for rights and the rule of law as defined in the United States Constitution. Much of this is done through lies and misinformation, all assisted by an anti-gun media. "Our Bill of Rights is not a collection of rights and liberties created by Government."


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