'Gun Control' Puts Women at Risk

By Rob Morse. July 9th, 2019
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Politicians said that 'gun-control' would make us safer. That sounds good, but it isn’t what we see. One reasons is 'gun-control' disarms innocent women. Taking the tools of self-defense away from women leaves them at a physical disadvantage. That is only one of the ways that 'gun-control' leaves women at greater risk. Why did the politicians and the news media ignore these issues while they were shouting for more 'gun-control'?

Sexual disparity- Men and women are different. Unarmed men have a physical advantage over unarmed women. Men are about 2/3rds stronger than women in their upper body. Men also have an advantage in lower-body strength and speed, but to a lesser extent. Size is also a factor since a large male can strike a female while remaining out of reach. Men also have a higher bone density so they can withstand harder blows. These differences put women at a disadvantage in a hand-to-hand fight where men are stronger about 90 percent of the time.

In contrast, a firearm works best at a distance. A gun helps equalize a woman’s ability to defend herself..if the state allows her to have one. .....

When it comes to 'gun control' one often ignored factor is regarding the ability or not of a woman to be able to defend herself. Some younger women might possibly have the strength and ability through knowledge of self defense training to stand a chance against an attacker but, that is being optimistic. The most common attack is probably a rape or mugging - women being frequently perceived as an easy target.


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