The Right vs. Privilege Petition

Recognize that the government does not
"give citizens the right to bear arms."

By D.C. June 27, 2019

Although this is a message that has been conveyed before it does not hurt to reiterate - plus, there is a petition running to attempt a correction to the White House website section on the Constitution.

The White House website section on the Constitution ( ) instructs "The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms." This is exactly wrong and contradicts the very nature of unalienable rights, the clear intent of the Founders and the understanding of the right as articulated by the Supreme Court.

Privileges are granted. Rights are inherent to the condition of being human. The Second Amendment didn't create a right to keep and bear arms -- it acknowledged a right that was already assumed and accepted at the time of ratification. Nobody in government gave us that right, so it's not theirs to take away.

Please correct your website description and make an announcement about the change.

It seems unlikely that the petition goal can be reached in the remaining time available, but nevertheless it is most important to again make the distinction between a right and a privilege.

Go and VISIT THE PETITION WEBSITE, and share this information.


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