Second Amendment Double Speak

By Cam Edwards. July 19th, 2019

Rhode Island State Police Colonel James Manni says he's a 2nd Amendment supporter, but also believes it's too easy in his state for residents to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Speaking with journalist Ed Achorn of the Providence Journal, Manni said he'd like to see changes made to the concealed carry process in the state.

"A typical police officer in this state goes through well over 100 hours of training, physical training on a firearm. That's a lot of training. There's no standard of training for someone who gets a concealed carry permit. It's really just a standard of qualification. Punch some holes in a target with a qualification course."

Does that mean Col. Manni thinks every Rhode Island resident seeking to exercise his or her 2nd Amendment right to bear arms should go through 100 hours of training? Honestly, it's kind of hard to tell. .....

Let's say firstly, there should be no "license to carry" be even required! Secondly, "Manni says he's a 2nd Amendment supporter," - hard to tell here what his interpretation of "shall not be infringed" actually is - presumably a selective privilege to be decided by him. This is repeatedly typical of many so-called '2A supporters' who seem to not understand what an innate right is.


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