Why Does the Media Only Talk About Guns?

By Tim Schmidt - USCCA Founder.
July 2019 • Issue No. 30, Concealed Carry Magazine Report.

I came across an interesting op-ed a few days ago that really got me thinking.

The opinion piece, titled "Kyoto Animation arson killings didn't get much attention because we couldn't demonize guns," was written by James Alan Fox and appeared in USA TODAY.

It was Fox's first line that sort of stopped me in my tracks:

"The Kyoto Animation killing left 34 dead, but it didn't have much impact because we don't pay attention to mass killings without guns. We should." .....

It's pretty much a fact that unless a massacre is carried out with guns then the mainstream media seems to care very little - just a mention without much expansion. If of course guns are involved then once again it's open season for "ban the guns" time. Violence is violence, however committed but, firearm murders are special because they slot very conveniently into the anti-gun group's agenda.


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