Is Mass Murder a Fault or a
Feature of 'gun-control'?

By Rob Morse. August 7th, 2019
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We had three mass murders here in the US during the last two weeks. The victims were attacked in “gun-free” zones where they could not defend themselves. With frightening consistency, 'gun-control' advocates called for more of the same. ‘'gun-control' failed, so we need more 'gun-control',’ they said. Are these failures of 'gun-control' accidental, or are these mass murders useful tools for Democrat politicians and the mass media? The facts speak for themselves.

One of these attacks was in Gilroy, California. Gilroy is the pinnacle of 'gun-control' in the United States. California is given an “A” rating for 'gun-control' laws by the Giffords 'gun-control' group. California is also ranked first in the nation for 'gun-control', so nobody does it better. California imposed magazine capacity limits that were supposed to keep us safe from mass murderers. California has one-gun-a-month laws that we were told would keep us safe from crazy murderers. California has red-flag-laws and age restrictions on honest gun owners. ........

There has been almost a week of saturation by most of the media - exploiting the "murder fest" for all it's worth - to which can be added the predictable vote promoting behavior of many in politics. To quote Colonel Robert F. Cunningham - "With all this 'gun control' talk, not one politician has yet explained how to take guns from criminals: only from law abiding citizens."


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