Twitter feed: Claim that "Assault
Weapon" Definition is Unimportant

Assault Weapon in New Jersey, 1990-2018, Proposed Assault Weapon
on Florida Ballot Proposition. Banned in Australia

By Dean Weingarten. August 12th, 2019
Original Source

A political activist on twitter posted a non-argument about "assault weapons" on 4 August, 2019. He got over 8 thousand retweets and 57 thousand likes. How many of those were bots is unknown.

Jason Isbell wrote if you argue about the definition of an "assault weapon" you are part of the problem. He claimed his opponents know what an assault weapon is, and know they do not need one.

The rifle pictured above has been one of the most popular hunting rifles in the United States. It was legally an "assault weapon" in New Jersey from 1990 to 2018. It is proposed as an "assault weapon" in the Florida petition to amend the state Constitution. It is banned in Australia.

The term "assault weapon" has never been clearly defined in dictionaries. It is a legal term. From the outset, those pushing for a disarmed population have deliberately sought to confuse the public about the term and what it means. ........

The 'Tweet" makes mention of "you don't need one" - it is NOT a question of 'need' - it is a right, protected by the Second Amendment. Add to this the fact that for the antis, the term "assault" gets applied to not only rifles such as the AR but seemingly to pretty much any auto-loader.


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