Don't Make Things Worse with
Bad Laws, by Kerry Slone

From Rob Morse. August 12th, 2019

We learn by making mistakes, but we're neither smart enough nor rich enough to make every mistake. We should learn from others. My friend Kerry Slone was stalked. She saw the legal system fail her time after time. Now, she defends herself, and also helps other women defend themselves. This is her insightful perspective on "red-flag gun laws" also known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).

Politicians say we have to do something, but these ill considered red flag laws will get women killed. RM

"As a domestic violence victim, I am deeply concerned about the ERPOs/Red Flag laws that Representative Dan Crenshaw (TX) and President Donald Trump are supporting. Abusers use these laws, not only to disarm their victims, but also to force them into unnecessary psychiatric evaluations without due process. This can put them in a legal position where they are permanently disarmed."

"If ever you wondered what you could do to make a difference, you now have a chance. Speak up. Speak out. Help domestic violence victims be heard."

Kerry Slone

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