Guns are a huge part of American society;
taking them away won't help

'Gun control' won't help, more guns will

By Louis Haas. Aug. 20, 2019. USA TODAY

Guns are vital for protection in America. The acts of the few shouldn't
affect citizens' rights to guns, which is protected by the 2nd Amendment.

'Gun control' is not the answer to America's gun violence. In the recent mass shootings, the shooters purchased their weapons legally. Likewise, the policies promoted by gun control activists would not impact mass shootings. Last year, the RAND Corp. conducted a survey of academic research and did not find any of the policies they looked at would reduce mass shootings: "We found no qualifying studies showing that any of the 13 policies we investigated decreased mass shootings."

As usual with so many of these killers, there was nothing too outstanding about them (though as of late they do seem motivated by some horrendous white nationalist beliefs -- sadly, protected by the First Amendment). After all, being young and alienated is not unusual in America.

Preventing the sale or ownership of so-called 'assault rifles', a term for which there is no technical definition, will not end these mass shootings. Semi-automatic rifles and pistols have long been a standard part of American gun ownership, shooting and hunting. ........

"If the response to any mass shooting is flight, hide or fight, why not make sure that the fighting aspect of it works? Armed combat is more effective than unarmed combat. Businesses, despite their qualms, should allow legal concealed carry on their premises and should allow their employees to carry as well."


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