You Can't Give Away the
Right of Self-Defense

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By Rob Morse. August 29th, 2019
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It is neither moral nor practical for you to give away your right of self-defense. It isn’t our right of self-defense; it is yours. One to a person. Most of us couldn’t give it away we tried. The idea of outsourcing our defense is so foreign that we hardly know what it looks like.

Most of us don’t arrive at work with a group of guys paid to surround us as we take public transportation. You probably drive yourself to work. That means you’re not being driven by a chauffeur and an armed security team. You protect yourself on the way to work and also as you stop for gas. You don’t have paid bodyguards (plural) with us at all times. You provide your own security. You may do an effective job of it or an ineffective one, but your safety is your problem when you’re in public.

When you’re at home, you don’t have someone standing guard outside your bedroom door as you sleep. I don’t blame you. I can’t afford to pay a team to protect me, a team to protect my wife, and teams to protect each of my children. I can’t afford that, and neither can most of us. We do the best we can. ........

Self defense is an innate right and yet despite that there are those who wish to deprive good people of the best tools for the purpose. Further to this, the subject of trauma care is discussed - possessing the ability to assist the injured and thus preserve life, or at least improve the odds.


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