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Glorify and promote murderers and you get more, everyone knows this.

Mass media perpetuates mass murder, critics claim, first by calling it "shooting" which is a sport, instead of "murder" which is a crime, deceptively framing the problem and displacing the blame. Then media promotes these crimes incessantly, sometimes for weeks, because they're used to attract "viewers," a euphemism for money. "If it bleeds it leads," is the reprehensible unethical mantra and behavior.

By providing "the oxygen of publicity," as Margaret Thatcher called it, media encourages copycats, which the murderers themselves tell us they seek. Doesn't that imply at least some measure of complicity or guilt? Psychiatrists and law enforcement beg the media to wise up, a cry that falls on deaf ears, thanks to the greed. It is virtually mens rea.

This is followed with "panels" that drone on about background checks, now in place for decades, which evidence repeatedly shows had no effect on the crimes but do impose hardships on innocent Americans who did nothing. Media staff are just coincidentally in lockstep with anti-gun-rights groups that seek more checks designed to overburden the innocent, increase government power (a common left-wing goal) and that provide zero focus on the psychotics, perpetuating the real problem, and psychotropic drugs exacerbating things--especially with school psychopaths.

Reporters and producers must realize that limiting the public's civil rights never has a positive outcome--not with race, sex or arms, yet they continue to insist on doing so. Bans on America's civil right to arms will have no more effect on the psychotics committing mass atrocities than they've had on drug gangs or murder in historically black inner cities, as a review of the history of all these crimes demonstrates. Checks

Limiting the public's civil rights never has
a positive outcome-- not with race, sex or arms

ignore the criminals and psychos already armed. The evidence is obvious yet lost on broadcasters and journalists. Spree-killer criminals have been stopped in primarily one way only--by killing them in the act or getting them to kill themselves. Calls for more paperwork and new law are an evil subterfuge promoted by "news" fabricators.

Everything the savage murderers do--from getting and holding guns to using them--is already totally illegal, often with the death penalty attached. Laws do not stop crime, law enforcement does. Mass media doesn't seem to understand these simple facts, which the sane gun-owning public understands, leading to loss of credibility.

If CNN, MSNBC or the networks included even one articulate spokesperson, like JPFO consultant Alan Korwin, on one of their panels they would at last provide a check on their array of misinformation, misdirection and malfeasance. They would learn something themselves as well. Include a degree of intelligent dialog instead of repeating the same failed messages audiences are getting that keep them in the dark. JPFO will gladly provide a list of experts with perspective outside the standard mass-media-panel view, to help improve your coverage.


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