The Red Flag Council

By L. Neil Smith. September 14th, 2019. (
Attributed to L.Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

In America, the highest law of the land consists of the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution, commonly known as Bill of Rights.

Unlike the remainder of the Constitution (which merely serves as an "operating system" for the government), The Bill of Rights is the exclusive property of the American people, their guarantee of liberty, and the essential condition, historically, on which the rest of the Constitution was ratified.

The Bill of Rights is not simply a laundry list of things that government generously allows its humble subjects to do. (Go to Canada, if that's the kind of society you prefer, go to disarmed and prostrate Australia) It is a list of things that government is absolutely forbidden to do by the people, who were meant own and control it. A far better name for it would have been the "Bill of Limits". ........

"The security of our free state is threatened with "red flag" laws, a simple-minded, evil scheme to circumvent the Second Amendment entirely, and cut it out of the Constitution, and use corrupt judges and the police to forcibly strip everyone of their means of personal and national defense. It cannot stand."


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