Commentary: Dan Patrick, Not Beto, Is
the Biggest Threat to Tx Gun Owners

This is a sure way to demoralize the GOP base,
destroy the Republican brand, and turn Texas blue.

By Charlie Gerow (Opinion Contributor). September 22nd, 2019

"Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15."

Beto O'Rourke's proclamation at the third Democratic presidential debate dominated the news last week. Though it was a revealing moment of candor, Beto shouldn't worry gun owners. He holds no office, is at 1 percent in the polls, and will not be able to affect Texans' gun rights in any material way in the foreseeable future.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick--not Beto--poses the biggest threat to Texas gun owners. Not only is he pushing a new law that would make greater strides towards Beto's goal of gun confiscation than anything President Obama was ever able to achieve in eight years in office, but he also has the influence and power to ensure that law is passed.

Patrick wants to enact a law prohibiting private gun sales without a background check. While to a layperson this may seem innocuous, it would in practice remove Democrats' most significant logistical barrier to confiscation by creating a gun registry. ........

It is quite possible to imagine this kind of ploy being enacted in about any state, even one that has been considered solidly red. There is an all out attack being planned at all levels, much of which is exclusive of any final federal schemes - in fact state gun law changes could well be the most dangerous of all. The criminals of course as usual will effectively get a pass.


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