Gun Controllers Claim The .Gov Prevents 'Gun
Violence' Research, But There's Plenty of It Available

By Dan Zimmerman. September 25, 2019

ED: The following is text of a presentation given at this past weekend's Gun Rights Policy Conference presented by the Second Amendment Foundation and CCRKBA.

By Dr. Sean Brodale

From the American Medical Association's Journal of Ethics, Gun violence and trauma surgery: "Mass shootings account for less than 1 percent of all gun-related deaths in the US." You would never know it the way they react when there is a mass murder.

Every murder is significant, yet they ignore the daily toll of murders from street gangs and the drug trade, but make front page news over the less than one percent toll that comes from mass murders.

The Journal goes on: "Advancing research on gun-related injury prevention is severely constrained by current governmental policies." Is that really true? Many, many articles on "gun violence" have been published by medical researchers just since last September.

Here are a few of them: ........

"Gun violence" is, as has been mentioned before, a statement to be deprecated. Violence is violence by any means and 'the gun' is not the problem - 'Firearm-related violence' might be a more palatable choice. One thing which has been evident for quite some time, is that in areas with concealed carry laws violent crime has not shown an increase - overall quite the reverse. As Alan Korwin says "Guns save lives".


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