Putting 'Gun-Control' to the Test


By Rob Morse. October 10th, 2019
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We all want to protect our family and friends. 'Gun-control' is the theory that disarming honest people will stop criminals. That is a fantastic theory, but does 'gun-control' work in practice? Now that we have new FBI data at hand, we don’t have to guess if 'gun-control' reduces violent crime. The answers might surprise you as we look from coast to coast. Does gun control save lives or cost them?

The 'gun-control' laws in Los Angeles are extreme. You won’t get a permit to carry a handgun in public unless you are a judge or a politician. You have to be over 21 years old to buy a rifle. You also need to show a state firearms safety card and to pass a background check each time you buy ammunition. Those regulations prevent many honest citizens from having a firearm for self-defense. How well did those 'gun-control' laws work at stopping violent crime in Los Angeles? The rate of violent crime in LA is more than twice the national average. (748/369 per 100 thousand) ......

....... 'Gun-control' is getting us killed. The sad news is that politicians will continue to call for 'gun-control' as long as it gets them elected. Fortunately, we can put a stop to that. .....

While 'gun-control' is the popular and much used expression by anti-liberty groups, it could be more appropriate to instead refer to 'liberty control' - which is what control all about. This was discussed very recently, on 10/8/19. There is little doubt that the left in particular seeks to eventually disarm all good people, with little attention paid to criminal's firearms and the innate right of self defense.


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