3 of the Most Common Prejudices
About Gun Owners in America


By Jay Chambers. October 13, 2019

There was a time in the United States when owning a gun wasn't considered an indicator of what sort of person you were. Owning a gun didn't mean anything more than owning a wrench did. They're both tools. And they were regarded as such.

Unfortunately, legal gun ownership and use carries much more social and political baggage than it used to. People have formed prejudices against legal gun use that can make guns an uncomfortable topic for gun owners.

Some of these prejudices are manufactured to push a political agenda. Some have occurred more organically. However, they're all problematic for the same reason: they're wrong.

And, these prejudices are especially damaging because they not only stigmatize legal gun owners, they scare potential new gun owners away from purchasing firearms--even when they may have a completely legitimate reason for getting a gun, such as personal defense. .....

It is certainly true that over more recent decades, the stigma attached to gun ownership has grown in leaps and bounds - not least because of the left seeking to trash constitutional freedoms - the Second Amendment and the right of self defense in particular. Social factors have also played a part such that mass shootings have further opened the door to conveniently blaming 'the gun' over and over.


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