Why There Are Still No
Real 'Smart' Guns Yet


By Carl Bussjaeger. Oct 22, 2019

Hint: It isn't because the evil gun industry is refusing to try, gun controllers' claims to the contrary.

Recently, the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Office had an embarrassing situation. JSO tweets out a nightly advisory to make sure your guns are out of cars and properly secured. That positioned them perfectly for recent ridicule when someone stole a cruiser… and the guns and gear inside.

The vehicle was recovered. The weapons were not.

Which prompted a well-intentioned person to tweet a suggestion

I know this is a long shot. But should consider some type of biometric scanner for issued firearms. And not to be funny but we should all follow the 9pm routine. I understand that officers take their vehicles home. Or implement some type of in trunk safe for weapons.

I noted that "smart guns" are a lot tougher to do in the real world than most people realize. He responded:

I figured that much. Still something should be implemented to where is secured but then I guess you run the issue when it's needed you have more steps to get to it.

Part of the problem is that "something" is really "somethings". Here's a primer on why smart guns, or other "foolproof" firearms security is hard. .....

'Smart Guns' have long been the holy grail for those who seek supposed improvements in firearm security - essentially however, an excuse for more liberty control. Despite the many efforts to produce the perfect 'smart gun' - everything suggests this is simply both uneconomic as well as practically not even viable - but 'they' refuse to acknowledge that.


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