Gun Sales and Private Ownership

By Dean Weingarten. October 12, 2020
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September of 2020 was a record for both firearm sales and NICS background checks in the United States. There were 2,892,115 background checks done in September, and about 1.614 million firearm sales. The firearm sales is not a precise figure because of uncertainties about multiple firearms sold with one NICS check and firearms sold to people who can legally purchase firearms without an instant NICS check.

The firearms figure is calculated by the number of NICS checks done for handguns + long guns + other guns + 2.5 X the number of checks where multiple guns were sold on one check. It is a good approximation.

The 2,892,115 number of checks is directly from the FBI sources for the number of NICS checks done for the month. It is the highest number of checks done in any previous September. The next highest was done last September, in 2019, with 2,207,312 checks done.

The number of checks has been rising because the checks are used for several other purposes, especially for weapons permits and weapons permit rechecks. ....

This analysis looks at significant increases in gun sales in recent months, comparisons with other countries, and also estimated figures for numbers of guns in private hands currently. It is hoped new (and all) gun owners will think hard about their party affiliations, bearing in mind the left's plans for 'gun control' in the extreme - a 'make-or-break' for all firearms owners.


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