Barrett Confirmation Means We'll See If
Gun Prohibitionists Were Right to Worry

By David Codrea. October 27, 2020

"Amy Coney Barrett Has Been Confirmed As Trump's Third Supreme Court Justice," BuzzFeed News reported Monday evening. "Barrett deepens the court's conservative wing to 6–3."

That's why the Democrats and their media cheerleaders have been complaining to their followers that the confirmation vote should have been put off until after the election so that if Joe Biden wins, he'd get to nominate the replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsberg. That such a requirement appears nowhere in the Constitution hardly matters to them. Were delegated powers with checks and balances important to them, they would revere the ultimate check and balance on government abuses of all, the right of the people to keep and bear arms as mandated by the Second Amendment.

"The Senate voted 52-48 to confirm Barrett, with one Republican, Maine Sen. Susan Collins, breaking ranks to join Democrats in opposing her nomination," the report continues. That creates a dilemma for Republicans, as the four-term incumbent is shattering spending records but still trailing in the polls, meaning an already-close senate could lose a seat. That said, former Everytown endorsee Collins has earned nothing from Maine gun owners but their contempt, and if she does pull it off, she'll have six more years to betray them.

With Barrett, the expectation is that her philosophy will be similar to that of the man she once clerked for, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. As such, her nomination was applauded by the three major national gun owner rights groups. ....

Whether the now Justice Coney Barrett's presence on the Supreme Court will benefit the sanctity of the Second Amendment remains to be seen, but hope springs eternal that just perhaps at last we might see some important examples of 2A infringements get taken on board and be constitutionally corrected.


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