New Law Sets Gun Control
to Autopilot in California

By Lawrence Keane. November 1, 2020

Thanks to a bill signed recently by Gov. Gavin Newsom, California consumers are going to see fewer handguns for sale in the Golden State. Assembly Bill 2847 solves no problems but creates yet another 'gun control' hurdle for law-abiding firearm manufacturers and the consumers that rely on their products.

Since an absurd law was certified in 2013, a semi-automatic pistol must have what is called "microstamping technology" in order to be included on the state's roster of "not unsafe handguns" that are permitted to be sold in the state.

Under that law, firearm manufacturers would have to micro-laser engrave a gun's make, model and serial number on two distinct parts of each gun, including the firing pin so that in theory the information would be imprinted on the cartridge casing when the pistol is fired. AB 2847 drops that down to one part on the interior of the handgun.

In theory that might be helpful to law enforcement except that there is no existing technology that will reliably, consistently and legibly imprint the required identifying information by a semiautomatic handgun on the ammunition it fires. The holder of the patent for this technology has written that there are problems with it and that further study is warranted before it is mandated. ....

California seems ever more intent on trying to eventually achieve something approaching a total handgun ban, as over time fewer and fewer options will remain available. Much has been discussed in the past about the almost ridiculous principle of micro stamping which continues to be something approaching the holy grail of anti-gun people - a near technical impossibility with little or no practical application. Criminals will be the only ones pleased with all this as they cling to their illegal firearms.


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