Remembering what Germany didn't finish—
that millions of people still want.

Image Credit: Alan Korwin

By Alan Korwin. November 9, 2020

Nov. 9 is the day Jewish genocide became official government policy,
"anti-Semitism" writ so large today's use of the term is silly.

Jews the world over know what Kristallnacht is—Nov. 9, 1938— the day Nazis got serious about wiping out the Jews. Using the assassination of one low-level German officer in Paris as an excuse, Germans went about murdering Jewish people, burning their stores and homes, destroying synagogues, Torahs and other artifacts. Basically, the gloves came off, the so-called final solution was on.

Millions of Muslims Want Kristallnacht Again
It is exactly what tens of millions of Muslims all over the world seek to accomplish today—wipe Jews off the map, Kristallnacht II. The non-partisan Pew Center estimates the precise number at "only" 180 million radicalized Islamists (15% of all believers). They are a genocidal enemy the current president is confronting directly—leading furious left-wing citizens, Jews among them, to aim not at the enemy, but at him and the defenders of freedom. Make even vague reference to the real threat these muslim monsters represent and expect to be attacked... by your countrymen. The Southern Poverty Law Center detests these statements, and works to suppress such thought.

So while our mass media obsesses on miniature anti-Semitism domestically, global institutionalized anti-Semitism is not only ignored, it is excused, justified and even sits on the U.N. Human Rights panel. Reporters can't see lethal enemies in front of them, but can find time and space to argue for disarming the public in the face of all this. And then support officials complicit in efforts to undermine the Bill of Rights, ignore due process and disarm the public. ....


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