Virginia Laws That Don't Stop 'Gun Violence'!?
Get Thumbs Up from Northam & Giffords

By Donovan Mullen. November 17, 2020

The Virginia Beach shooting of 2019 was an absolute travesty. None of the people who were killed deserved to die.

But those people do not deserve to have their graves danced on by Gabby Giffords and the Giffords Law Center to promote gun control. The shooter who used a suppressed .45 cal handgun followed all of the laws that the federal government and the state of Virginia had at the time. He went through the exceedingly long background check to buy his suppressor, a background check that is much more extensive than the typical background check performed at a gun shop with the 4473. He legally purchased his handguns, one being a common Glock 21 pistol and the other a USP compact. These guns do not have "High capacity magazines" but come with normal 10 round magazines, normal even by anti-gun states like New Jersey's standards.

I bring up these points because the people at Giffords sent an email (embedded below and uncovered by a recent Freedom of Information Request to the state of Virginia) to the Office of Governor "Blackface" Northam just 8 days after the incident with a statement regarding the gun violence in Virginia.

The sad part is none of the statements and eventual laws that were pushed relate at all to the Virginia Beach shooting tragedy. The Governor has even admitted his new gun laws would not have prevented the shooting, even though this is what he and the new members of the Virginia state senate ran on. ....

Most rational people know very well that 'gun control' has negligable effect on crime - instead it penalizes honest citizens, compromising their means of self defense and, runs foul of the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, this makes little difference to tyrants who simply seek to disarm and enhance their power.


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