Gun Prohibitionists Exploiting Suicide
to Advance Disarmament Agenda

By David Codrea. December 1, 2020

“Gun advocates take the lead in embracing suicide prevention message,” The Oregonian reported Saturday. “Gun owners and health professionals are coming together to devise new solutions to the public health crisis of suicide.”

“The newly influential voices of gun owners in public health are changing the conversation — and not only in the Pacific Northwest,” the article explains. “In recent years, similar state coalitions have sprung up across the country. New Hampshire is the home of the original Gun Shop Project, a mix of firearm retailers, range owners, and firearm rights advocates who helped develop materials and training to prevent firearm suicide.”

Such coalitions can be a positive development, especially as the story recalls a show of hands at “a gun-control conference” where only two “health professionals” in an audience of 200 admitted to owning a gun. Introducing people whose exposure to guns is limited to people who know what they’re talking about has potential, assuming some may be open-minded and persuadable.

Just remember, people who are highly educated in one specialty can be just as “provincial,” uneducated, and biased as they accuse gun owners of being. That’s the main reason why medical doctors who pose as experts qualified to offer “gun safety” prescriptions need to be challenged to cite their credentials, and why those who have none but are instead parroting political talking points can be rightly dismissed as “gunquacks.” ....

Suicide by firearm has long been, and continues to be, one excuse of the many who seek disarmament to try and effect further 'gun control'. How many times does it need to be said that those who wish to take their own lives, can and will always find a method to achieve their sad end. One has only to excercise the imagination and consider drug overdose, wrist slashing, hanging, jumping from a height, to see that 'the gun' is just one of the options that may be available and yet 'the gun' gets castigated.


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