Historic Leaders Understood
Second Amendment's Importance

By Tom Knighton. December 28, 2020

For Second Amendment advocates, the right to keep and bear arms is paramount. It's a bulwark against encroaching tyranny from a government that forgets that it serves the people and that the people do not exist to serve the government. Advocates for that right also understand it's under assault and has been for quite some time.

However, various leaders of the past knew what the Second Amendment was for, including a couple held in high esteem by the left.

A post at the Foundation for Economic Education highlights some of these.

The Second Amendment was not limited in scope at the time of inception, in part because it was put in place as a bulwark against the despotism and tyranny that could arise out of an all-powerful government and standing army. Any cursory review of the writings of many of the founding fathers would support that.

However, we don't need to hearken back to the colonial era to understand the importance of the Second Amendment. One of America's most revered Democratic Presidents, John F Kennedy, stressed the importance of an armed citizenry during a commemorative message on Roosevelt Day in 1961: .... ....

The Second Amendment and the right to bear arms has never been under so great a potential threat, taking it beyond all that has been eroded over many years. Checks and balances still exist that help preserve liberty but criminals will be savoring the day when good people are unable to defend themselves and rights degrade to mere privileges.


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