What Does "AR" Stand For?
(Hint … It's a Diagnosis and a Prescription)

William Barclay Masterson. October 7, 2021

If you guessed "Assault Rifle" or "Automatic Rifle," you'd have lots of company. Most Democrats, Lefties, Statists, Progressives, or American Marxists (as we now call them thanks to "The Great One," Mark Levin), certainly believe that these are the machine guns that are all over our city streets and account for most murders. Now tell me the truth, did you believe any of that definition? If so, you'd be wrong on all counts along with all the people I mentioned! "AR" stands for a company called "ArmaLite Rifle." They developed these and other rifles way back in the 1950's.

Machine guns are fully-automatic, cost a small fortune to get a license for, and the very extensive background check time is about 9 months! The reality is, an AR is a semi-automatic, anything but a machine gun. If I stopped writing right now, you would already know more than half the country and most politicians (including lawmakers) about AR's, mostly because of the Left-wing propaganda machine that endlessly gins up misinformation aimed at a thirsty Kool-Aid drinking public. And that's the truth!

Well, that's my intro. But I promised you a diagnosis and a prescription. So maybe, and with all respect to the ArmaLite Rifle company, I just may have a very different answer for you, to my "What Does AR Stand For?" question. So dear reader, keep on reading. I promise you a very valuable answer, one that will be well worth your time to study.

Let's begin with a very basic, easy to remember A, B, C, 2D diagnosis. .....


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