Is The Administration and Congress
Playing Americans for Dupes?

By Roger J Katz & Stephen L. D'Andrilli. Oct 11, 2021

"I can forgive a foe, but not a mistress and a friend; treason is there in its most horrid shape, where trust is greatest!" ~aphorism by John Dryden, English Poet, Literary Critic, and Dramatist, 1631 to 1700

In our multi-series treatise on treason, it is possible that some readers may view these articles as discrete vignettes or snapshots on the topic of treason. That would be wrong. It is our intention readers see each article as connected to the one before it; each article progressing sequentially to produce a unified whole.

Treason is operating at the highest levels of the Federal Government. That is our main contention, our central thesis, our salient focus. And, we are talking here of Treason as actionable crime, not mere political rhetoric, dramatic theater, inflammatory invective, hyperbolic epithet, or coarse name-calling. There is too much of that already in the media. It gets us nowhere.

The crime of treason committed by High-Level Government Officials, of the Harris-Biden Administration should not be handled obliquely or alluded to delicately. It must be dealt with head-on.

The Administration's blatant, unprecedented attack on the rights of free speech and free association, the right to be free from unwarranted intrusion, the right to be free from unlawful detainment, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms, are signs of a concerted effort by a Government to assail civil liberties. .....

This is from the multi-series on the issue of possible treason at the highest levels of government - here, we see subpart A of Part 5. Other parts can be found at with Part One being titled "does the Biden administration's assault on the second amendment amount to treason?" (9/15/21). The whole series is a very detailed treatise concerning the attack on rights in general.


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