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An Open Letter to NRA's Wayne
LaPierre on Project Gunwalker



By David Codrea

(Reposted from with Author’s permission)


David Codrea
Gun Rights Examiner
May 2nd, 2011

Dear Mr. LaPierre

Congratulations on your rousing speech at the Annual Meeting. Having the prestigious and influential National Rifle Association bring focus and directed effort toward getting to the truth of the “Project Gunwalker”* scandal is essential, both in terms of spreading public awareness and, of course, politically.

I absolutely agree with one of your key observations:

Eric Holder said he didn’t know about the operation. He’s the U.S. attorney general. He’s supposed to be in charge, and he didn’t know? Who’s minding the store over at the Justice Department? Because if Holder didn’t know … Holder’s got to go!

The only thing I would add: If Holder did know, he’s got to go…to jail.

Because I also agree with you when you state:

Our government has been willing to let people die … just to advance their assault on the Second Amendment.

The truth of your following assertion has been documented time and again by those of us following the Gunwalker scandal and watching the extraordinary measures our government has taken to keep just who was willing to do so an official state secret:

When the administration stonewalls congressional investigations … that’s a conspiracy to cover up the truth.

And, sadly, you are again spot-on when you note:

When almost every reporter in America ignores the story, it doesn’t just prove the media is biased. It proves they’re cowards.

Here’s where we disconnect:

I call on President Obama to order ATF and Justice Department officials to testify before Congress and fully disclose every detail of their insidious operation.

Mr. President, it’s time to come clean. Stop the stonewalling and stop the lying!

I agree that would be the right thing to have happen, but come on, sir. You’re a savvy enough political operative to know that is never going to happen. The only chance, if there even is one, is for the House of Representatives and the Senate to amass the clout to force the Administration to stop the stonewalling. And Congress is not likely to succeed unless it expands its efforts beyond those of Chuck Grassley, Lamar Smith and Darrell Issa.

This is where NRA is in a unique position to use its remarkable power to generate a cleansing whirlwind—one that could change the face of American politics. You know what I’m leading up to, Mr. LaPierre.

There are politicians on both sides of the aisle, in the House and in the Senate, who enjoy the benefits of NRA endorsements and financial support.

Why isn’t every single office-holding recipient of NRA generosity on record demanding full and open investigations into how the Gunwalker scandal came to be, who authorized it, what damage has been done, what dangers still exist, and who is behind the evident cover-up? What reason do any of these beneficiaries of gun owner trust and benevolence have for not being vocal and tireless leaders in demanding something they owe us anyway—the truth?

And importantly, what reason could NRA possibly have for not making such leadership—that’s what we elect these people for, is it not? To be leaders?—one of the most important criteria by which they will be judged when it comes time for future political grades, and eligibility for continued endorsements and financial backing?

Stirring words are welcome, Mr. LaPierre—as one of the chroniclers who helped bring the Gunwalker story to the fore, I was glad to see when NRA let its members know there was a story . I was delighted to see NRA call for congressional investigations a month later. And I thought making it a centerpiece of your address at the Annual Meeting this past weekend was absolutely the right and the smart thing to do.

I hope you agree with me that the words NRA has offered to date, while needed, have just not gone far enough. And I hope NRA members, and our representatives on the Board of Directors, agree with me as well.

Please put an “or else” behind those words, Mr. LaPierre. As you have noted, lives are in the balance and a conspiracy exists. Your use of the word "insidious" to describe this scandal is appropriate. Why would you not?

Please seize this unique opportunity and do so without delay.


David Codrea/Life Member

Also see:

Also see:

A journalist’s guide to ‘Project Gunwalker' Part One, Part Two and Part Three for a complete list with links of independent investigative reporting and commentary done to date by Sipsey Street Irregulars and Gun Rights Examiner.

Note to newcomers to this story: “Project Gunrunner” is the name ATF assigned to its Southwest Border Initiative to interdict gun smuggling to Mexico. “Project Gunwalker” is the name I assigned to the scandal after allegations by agents that monitored guns were allowed to fall into criminal hands on both sides of the border through a surveillance process termed “walking” surfaced.


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