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Nazi Justiz in America?

By Richard W. Stevens, Esq.

In his recent book, Nazi Justiz: Law of the Holocaust, Richard Lawrence Miller explained the five major processes that took place between the 1933 election of Adolf Hitler and the calculated mass murder of Jews (and others) starting in 1941. The five steps were: identification, ostracism, confiscation, concentration and annihilation. Miller warned that when the citizens see any one of these steps starting to happen, immediately the citizens must protest and stop it.

The first three steps are in full swing in America ... but too few of us are protesting.

Identification: First, the government identifies the target group by certain characteristics and then tracks the target group. Next, the target group is called a "public health menace" or "dangerous extremists." The Nazis defined what a "Jew" was, categorized everyone as either "Jew" or "Aryan," and then required everyone to carry identification papers indicating their category. At the same time, the Nazis propagandized all Germans to believe that Jews were dangerous subversives and carriers of disease.

In America, the plan is to identify firearms owners as the target group: register the guns and license the owners. Every firearms owner will be identified, marked, tracked, and required to carry identification papers. Meanwhile, the government and media consistently describe guns as dangers to the "public health." Firearms owners are dubbed "wackos," "extremists," or just plain jackass stupid.

Ostracism: In this step the government stimulates public outcry against the target group. Then private organizations work jointly with the government to exclude members of the target group from society ... to "protect society from the menace." The Nazis ostracized the Jews by fanning media hysteria against Jews, teaching hatred and fear of Jews in the schools, encouraging boycotts against Jewish people and businesses, and enacting laws that stripped Jews of legal protections.

In America, the government and media constantly focus on firearms as evil and dangerous to society. The owners of firearms are portrayed as crazy, careless, criminal, or country crackers. Zoning and other laws force shooters to travel farther and farther out of town to practice. Other laws make possessing, transporting or carrying a firearm punishable by fines and imprisonment, even if the owner has never intended nor done anything to hurt anyone with a gun. Parents are told to keep their kids away from homes where the adults own firearms.

Confiscation: In this step the government registers personal property and its owners, monitors banking and other financial transactions, and takes the property of the target group without proof of a real crime. The Nazi laws required Jews to report all of their personal property to the government and required banks to track and report all transactions above a certain amount. The government could and did confiscate property based on manufactured "crimes," minor offenses, and mere accusations.

Confiscation of firearms is underway. In New York, first the government required registration of nearly all guns, and later the police visited private homes to take the guns from the registered owners. At this moment California authorities are demanding lawfully-owned firearms to be turned in ... after they had earlier required that the guns be "only" registered.

Meanwhile, banks must report "suspicious" transactions over $5,000 and all transactions over $10,000. Civil forfeiture laws allow police to seize property without compensating the owner, just because the police suspect that the property was bought with illegally obtained money.

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