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"BATFE Fails the Test" Reviews



From David Codrea of "War on Guns"



Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has once again proven it deserves the reputation for producing the most innovative educational materials for educating Americans about our right to keep and bear arms. They have followed up the gut-wrenching historical documentary "Innocents Betrayed" with another outstanding and infuriating video, "BATFE Fails the Test."

Competition shooter John Glover is an ordinary American who is fascinated by firearms — to the point where he learned gunsmithing and began assembling and selling guns from kits.

Enter the federal gun grabbers. Seven of his rifles are seized and Glover is charged with manufacturing and selling a machine gun. In other words, the federal government has decided Mr. Glover is a criminal, and it sets out to steal his property and destroy his life.

"BATFE Fails the Test" is raw video footage of BATFE Agent Michael Cooney, the supposed expert who wrote the report declaring one of the weapons a machinegun, saying that it fired “automatically more than one shot without manual reloading by a single function of the trigger.” We see Agent Cooney at a police firing range in North Carolina, demonstrating the weapon's operation. There's just one problem--he can't get it to fire full auto.

Twelve attempts produce just two incidents of string fire, which Glover's defense team firearms expert, Len Savage, declares a "malfunction." Cooney doesn't want to hear it, and becomes increasingly irritated and defensive as Savage challenges his "expertise." Savage then analyzes the disassembled weapon parts on camera, and sure enough, just as he predicted on the range, firing pin components are worn, causing the occasional string fire malfunction.

The thing could have blown up in the "competent" government "expert's" face, but he was too oblivious to realize it.

The upside for Mr. Glover is all charges against him were dismissed. The downside, in addition to having his life turned inside out and having the fear of government put into him, is that he is left in debt from fighting a legal battle that should never have taken place — plus, the BATFE has refused to return his rightful property.

Gun owners need to see this to believe it, so that we understand this could happen to any of us — own a semiauto rifle that needs some gunsmith work and we could be declared felons and pursued with vengeance. And if we're not fortunate enough to be able to afford mounting a competent defense against the unlimited resources of the federal government, our lives will be destroyed.

You owe it to yourself to get this outrageous and infuriating video, and to understand what power the Michael Cooneys of the world have assumed over us.


Order your own copy of "BATFE Fails the Test" on VHS or DVD:


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