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5,000 Murdered Americans is not a "Tragedy," It is War

by Jim Houck

When mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters leap from windows 100 stories in the sky in downtown New York City to escape bone-boiling heat created by burning jet fuel from hijacked commercial airliners, when we see hundreds of firefighters lying dead in rubble, their motion sensors activated, sensors that emit a thousand queer electronic beckoning beeps, a symphony of the dead, when we see a crushed New York City police car lifted by a forklift and blood pours out of the back doors, indicating that the officers are still inside, it is not a "tragedy". It is war. A tragedy is an accident. Two years of cold-blooded planning by ruthless human ticks, two years of living among your American targets, enjoying the kinship offered by Americans, our hospitality, our support and our generous sharing of our immense freedoms, our acceptance of these animals as human beings, prior to their attacking and slaughtering us is not an accident and it is most certainly not a tragedy. An act of perfect barbarism, yes. Bloodthirsty lunacy, yes. The most despicable and revolting act of jaundiced cowardice possibly in all of modern human history, yes. But a tragedy? The very application of this pathetic word to an act of such vile horror makes me sick and I curse the unlearned monkey who would make such an error.

The one and only way to reach a peace accord with these bastards is to blow their heads off. Blow them to hell where they belong, incinerate them, throw their ashes in a shallow ditch and walk away. There is no inbetween ground. No weaker response will be effective.

I have heard recent talk about this war "taking a long time" and possibly even "lasting beyond our lifetime". With such a weak and pathetic warrior attitude, those horrendous predictions might just find enough fetid soil to spring forth and give flower to their diseased seeds. Those diseased seeds are the seeds of new terrorist recruits.

Are we really ready to accept seeing postal workers and perhaps even our own President drop dead "lasting beyond our lifetime"? Or would we rather see the enemy dropping dead? It's an easy choice for me. I'm ready to shoot the bastards.

At the end of World War II, nobody wanted to be a Nazi anymore because nobody wanted to immediately have their head blown off. You put on a Nazi uniform, you supported Nazis, you acted like a Nazi, we killed you, no ceremony, no apologies. End of the Nazis.

This is the same response we should apply to this virus, this berserk super violent fungus that hit a Darwin glass ceiling long ago and needs to be eliminated from the earth with the greatest of brutality for the betterment of all mankind.

America says this is not an attack on religion, but we stop bombing on Muslim holidays. Further encouraged by this show of weakness, more terrorist join the ranks to kill Americans. And the war is prolonged yet again, and more Americans will die because of it.

It is time to take a massive offensive. It is a time to kill and if a holiday for any religion falls during our assault, to hell with that holiday. We don't break military operational tempo for our own religious holidays, so why they hell should we do it for these animals and their perverted religion, the religion of death and murder.

We need to bomb these murdering sonsofbitches twice as hard on their religious holiday to let them and the world know, the diseased attempt at applying a phony shield of religion as a defense for mass murder will get you annhilated if you do it with America.

America has a responsibility to every man and woman who plummeted into firetrucks in New York City. America has a responsibility to men and women in the Pentagon who were incinerated and burned alive. Americans have a responsibility to the warriors who stood and fought this virus and drove their hijacked plane into farm ground in Pennsylvania to wipe these scum out.I have spoken to friends in France, who told me that while the events brought them to tears, they found hope in the idea that perhaps now, with America under attack, these barbarians will at last be eradicated with extreme prejudice.For decades the world of civilized people have suffered the injury, the loss, the murder and terror and grief created by these cowardly animals who band together to destroy, while the rest of humanity goes about the great and beautiful task of creating.

For decades the civilized people of earth have endured the ravages, the splattering blood, the intestines of young girls dangling from scorched light poles, the legs of diners landing in soup bowls, the eyeballs of grandmothers stuck to the sides of overturned and burning city buses, the acts of horror created by these wanton heathens. For decades men and women of earth who willingly embrace civilized responses to life, have tried to live alongside those who chose to be animals at the gruesome expense of all. It is time to kill these animals.

I hear repeated apologies from our government on national TV for accidentally hitting a house or a hospital with a bomb, near to which was purposely parked an enemy tank, while simultaneously the mayor of New York City apologizes for not being physically capable of attending all the funerals of the dead Americans who were massacred by the very same barbarians who park tanks next to the homes and hospitals for civilian cover.

The Afghans who do not support the murderers have already left the region. The rest who chose to remain either support them, or do not support us and either way, they make of themselves the enemy. To hell with their houses, their hospitals, their mud huts, their accursed civilians who support these networks of doom. Did they care about our civilian loss of life when they cut the throats of stewardesses and pilots with box knifes and drove our airplanes full of Americans into the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers tower one and two? It is time for America to kill.

America undergoes the task and does not shirk the responsibility of keeping the most powerful military and government in line, our own. The same responsibility lies on the shoulders of other nations to keep their governments and military in check, or face the terrible consequences. The Afghans who are left either support the war on America or they don't give enough of a shit about their own safety to get the hell out of the way. Either way, they die.

The one way to lose this fight is to fight it forever, for then the enemy wins by ruining the lives of good men and women. The one way to fight it forever, is to fight it in such a way as to encourage new recruits to replace the animals whom we kill, recruits who will crash more jets full of Americans, spread more disease, and destroy liberty which took over 200 years and millions of deaths to establish and maintain. For our enemy are not just the murderers of today, but the murderers whom they will recruit tomorrow if there is anything but a massive, savage, devastating response from America.America is already failing to live up to the expectations of even the enemy themselves, which is to say nothing of those of the civilized nations and our own allies who expected, awaited and still await overwhelming military response.

"America will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and the nations which supported them." It was the right way of thinking and it needs to be carried out in full and with awesome and terrifying military force on civilian targets as well as military.

Any type of politically sensitive response is guaranteed to be seen as weakness by the enemy with their insane mindset. Thousands of young lunatics around the world now have reason to actually believe all they have heard from the madmen; that America really is the land of the weak and the home of the fat and fearful. Nothing could be more effective to bring fresh recruits to the enemy, fresh suicide bombers, fresh hijackers, fresh water poisoners, fresh smallpox martyrs, and fresh cowards, than a limited response, a "surgical" strike.

We as humans need to rip into bloody ragged hunks the sonsofbitches who killed our people and who continue to kill more every day. We are under attack and these attacks will never end, they will never diminish, they will never stop until either we are all dead or our enemies are dead, because that is the kind of enemy we are up against. America needs to not only kill the terrorists, but those civilian structures which support them, until that civilian motivation to support these killers collapses and the terrorist networks which rely on their support collapse with them.

America did not defeat the Japanese military. America turned the tide against the Japanese military when we attacked the Japanese civilian population with great savagery, a civilian population that was eagerly supporting the Japanese military with bombs, planes, tanks, guns, bullets and poisons. Immediately the Japanese military machine collapsed from within. The Nazi war machine collapsed when it lost the strength given to it by the supporting German civilian population, which stopped supporting its military when it was attacked brutally by the Allied Forces.

Our enemy knows this. Our enemy is attacking American civilians for this reason. Our enemy has said on international TV that they "make no distinction between military and civilian targets." Your family, your children, your grandparents, your brothers and sisters are the targets and these murderers and they will kill them if we don't kill them first. Our enemy is fighting a real war. Our enemy intends on not terrorizing us as we so naively think, but on destroying us once and for all by killing civilian support for U.S. military retaliation. Our enemy knows that if they can destroy the real force of any military, the supporting civilian infrastructure, that the United States military will collapse upon itself in a massive supernova. This enemy is fighting in such a manner as to be a genuine threat to the stability of the United States of America. We need to recognize that fight accordingly.

Our enemy is savage. Our enemy comes after women, children. We must be ten times more savage.

Killing the terrorists will do nothing to prevent more attacks from new terrorists and indeed this fight will last well forever, unless we kill the desire of the civilian populations supporting these maggots by hammering those civilian populations with ungodly military strikes in an endless tempo until they are so badly bloodied and destroyed that they lose their desire to support these murderous regimes. Then, terrorism will end in America and not before.

Does anyone really think that 40,000 terrorists could live and operate in a country of 23 million armed Afghans, if those Afghans didn't support them? Anyone who says yes is a fool and deserves their brutal fate.

Terrorist networks are touted as the "new military machines of the future". How ridiculous. Terrorists replenish themselves the same way any other military replenishes itself, through a massive supporting civilian population. Saudi Arabia sends al Queda money and new recruits according to Saudi insiders on ABC News, as does Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and a host of other 2nd and 3rd world nations hellbent on destroying America all for the good of the Muslim religion. These supporting nations are as much our enemy as the barbarians who are currently waging war inside our nation today and should be struck with overwhelming military force repeatedly and until they surrender unconditionally their desire to support this crude machine of death.

There is no reason, while under full-scale terrorist attacks, including biological warfare, that the U.S. can't use its tactical limited nuclear weapons to clear out the terrorist network and their caves in Afghanistan. Why lose some of America's best soldiers and men in slow cave fighting, where the enemy has an advantage, when we can kill these bastards with limited nuclear hits and put an end to these caves once and for all? And if we're going to really go after their funding, why not start doing what farmers and ranchers are doing in Kansas right now. Burn home-grown ethanol instead of gasoline? Ethanol is made from corn grown in America, it burns far cleaner, requires no modification to engines, it's renewable and cattle can still eat the corn after the carbohydrates (ethanol) are removed. There is zero excuse for the U.S. to keep sending billions of dollars to heathens who use the money to train terrorists who then murder and maim thousands of Americans including massive destruction in New York City and biological warfare. We would castrate this entire region by simply burning our own ethanol that we make right here. We'd clean up our air, both from reduced emissions and reduced smoking rubble from exploded jetliners and tumbling highrise buildings. The entire economy of America would take a huge leap upwards if we stopped sending billions of dollars to the Middle East and kept it circulating in America. It would be wrong to say we could start doing this tomorrow, because we can already do it today. Every time an American pumps gasoline that came from the Middle East, he pumps American blood into his own tank.

Sometimes a civilized nation must be enormously brutal if it is to survive an attack by barbarians. Some find it difficult to become hardened and accomplish the mission of killing. But hard is available. Sometimes hard comes right to the surface, like when the woman hurtling down from the World Trade Centers to imbed her corpse into the concrete in New York City happens to be mom. Sometimes hard comes later, when your child contracts smallpox and expires in your arms and then later your husband. And sometimes, civilized people are wise enough to reach deep down inside, wrench hard up from the depths by the bloody roots and apply it to their enemy, a vermin who by their very demonic actions rendered the value of their own lives as less than worthless, before their enemy manages to compromise a series of nuclear power plants while simultaneously spreading smallpox and the plague and kill many, many millions and ruin America forever.

America is under attack. May we be the most brutal. May we be the most savage. May we destroy the supporting civilian structures which give energy, money and men to our killers, before our killers, kill us all, that our war might be short, swift, brutal and decisive.

May America win this war with great fury and vengeance and spill all the blood of the wretches who are attacking us so it might filter down to the tideless lake of hell where it belongs.Freedom can never be won. It can only be established and maintained.

Kill 'em all.

The first to fight, the dead Americans who crashed into the farmlands of Pennsylvania.

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