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This only a landing page, reached if you clicked on the folder name in the ""breadcrumbs trail" at the top of another page.

As this folder may contain a large number of items it is not practicable to fully index a reference and also some of the content goes back over time, sometimes many years - it is however kept for archive purposes. As the JPFO new look progresses, updates will be made to more recent material but inevitably a great many older items will remain in the old site format due to time considerations involved in the updating process.

We suggest that your progress from here can be either by using your back button to return to the last page you were on, or - simply use the left column flyout menu or the top menu bar to move on further.

It might be mentioned that we do not go back much further in browser version compatibility than Internet Explorer 6 and other equivalent age browsers. Even IE6 is very slow loading our new pages and although earlier platforms will give some display the formatting may be less than ideal.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would give us feedback on any issues found on the site, such as dead links - or in the event of a display problem in your browser, please quote your operating system, browser type and version number. Just send us a brief email with details, thank you.


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