Disarming the Defenders- Socialist Politicians
Sacrifice our Children in "Gun-Free" Zones

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By Rob Morse. January 24th, 2019
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Professor Thomas Sowell said it is dangerous to let people make decisions when they are immune from the consequences. That describes the school board in Baltimore, Maryland as well as other Maryland politicians. Their self-serving political decisions will get out kids hurt and killed. When that happens, these politicians will blame us and demand more political control over our lives. They will probably be re-elected after their policies fail.

I say this because the Baltimore School Board voted unanimously to disarm law enforcement officers on school grounds. That makes the officers easier victims for gang attacks. It leaves all the students at greater risk. It also lets Maryland politicians signal their virtue as they throw hate on cops.

I suspect the school board in Baltimore has already acted like the notorious school board in Parkland, Florida. I suspect they refused to prosecute and remove violent students. I know the Parkland school board ignored sexaul assault and phsical battery as a matter of school policy.

These decisions made the school board look good as statistics showed more thugs graduated from high school. What the stats hid from us was that more students were victimized by unchecked violence in school. We didn’t know that more of the good students left because school wasn’t safe anymore.

We found all this out after a murderer killed 17 students and staff at the high school in Parkland. Now Baltimore is walking it those bloody footprints.

I’m going to unpack the political decisions of the Maryland politicians step by bloody step. What I don’t know is who made the first phone call and set this in motion.

  • We were told that honest citizens should depend on the government for protection just as they depend on the government for food, for shelter, and for education.
  • We’re told we can reduce violence in our schools with more tolerance, more counseling, and more money spent on education. Armed police in school "send the wrong message."
  • That which gets rewarded gets repeated, so violent crime grows in school and in the larger community.
  • Now we’re told that we should take guns away from law abiding people since crime is rising in Baltimore (and it is).
  • Only politicians and government employees may be armed. Police are now the only ones who can protect you and your family.

Those are big steps towards government control, but nothing moves a political agenda like a good crisis..even if the politicians have to build it themselves. How long until the gangs take over the schools in Baltimore? They already have. It won’t take many more dead students until the Maryland legislature uses dangerous schools as an excuse to impose stricter gun control.

Unfortunately, we are the ones who brought these dangerous politicians to this point. The Maryland legislature imposed strict gun control in 2013. They’ve also increased the restrictions on honest citizens in each succeeding year. I have to add that important modifier, honest citizens, because criminals don’t obey gun laws. No one should be surprised that gun prohibition laws don’t disarm the criminals and the crazies. As you’d expect, violent crime surged in Baltimore as more and more of the victims were disarmed.

What do you call an idea that fails 99 percent of the time? It is called gun control. I pray we don’t have a mass murder in Baltimore schools, but mass murderers want defenseless victims and these politicians served them up on a platter.

I also have to underscore the hypocrisy of the Baltimore School Board and Maryland politicians. The students are left defenseless while the school board has armed guards at their district offices and at school board meetings. The state capital has armed guards protecting the legislators. These government officials demand that men with guns protect them, but not our kids.

An honest police chief would resign or withdraw his officers in protest of disarmed school security officers. That won’t happen since the Baltimore police chief is appointed by the mayor of Baltimore. Elections have consequences and Baltimore brought this on themselves.

When faced with this level of corruption, this disregard for our children’s safety, I’d take my children out of Baltimore public schools. If charged, then demand a jury trial and tell the judge to appoint armed officers to your child’s school before you’ll let your children back in class. Alternatively, you could ask the judge and the court bailiff to go unarmed and show our children that Maryland politicians don’t need guns for protection.



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